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What You Get Elsewhere That You Won’t Get from Us

Arsenal Credit Union aims to be the only financial institution you and your family will ever need.

But even we have to admit, there are a lot of things that come from other providers that you won’t get here. Ever.

In the interest of full disclosure, here are some of the services you won't get from us:

  • Miss a credit card payment date? Hey, it happens. Just kiss your low rate goodbye.
  • Need a cash advance? Sure. That'll be 5% — on top of your regular credit card rate.
  • Use your debit card out of network? Of course. Oh, and ka-ching: That's $5 for us.
  • We have an awesome rewards card. How does $50 a year sound for your annual membership fee?
  • It's easy to make loan payments by phone — and it'll only cost you $15 to do it!
  • Sure, we're always happy to see you in person at the branch. That's just $5 for each transaction.
All those things we can't, or won't, offer you add up — to as much as $129 for each member household each year. That's because, at Arsenal Credit Union, you're more than a customer — you're a member-owner. You and other members have a say in how we do business and in what products and services we offer.

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