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Additional Resources

We've highlighted some of the more popular (and harmful) types of fraud and scams in this section. For more details on these and other scams, follow the links below.

Anti-phishing working group - View actual phishing emails that have circulated over the last three years.

BBB - Learn about 30 different types of scams, including those involving credit cards, fake checks, advance-fee loans, home improvement, online purchases, credit repair and debt relief.

eBay - View screen-by-screen details in this spoof email tutorial.

FBI - Read about common fraud schemes.

FTC - Find consumer information on ID theft, online shopping safety tips, spam, spyware, kids' privacy, and more. The FTC also makes available video, audio and games on these topics.

Lifehacker - Learn about spam and eliminate unwanted E-mails.

Identity Theft Resource Center - Look up current scams thieves use to steal your identity.

Informational security videos - These short, interactive videos from Intuit Financial Services offer tips for avoiding phishing, identity theft, and fraud on the Internet, social media and portable devices.

National Futures Association (NFA) - Learn how to avoid investment fraud.

OnGuard Online - Learn how to protect your computer, your family and yourself online.

Scambusters - Search this site to find out if you have a scam on your hands.

Snopes - Check out urban legends and common email forwards.

Truth or fiction - Get an email reality check.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission - Learn about "pump and dump" investment schemes.


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