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Motorcycle and ATV Loans

It's just you and the open road -- nothing to separate you from the world beyond your windshield, because there isn’t one. You feel the air dance across your face as the roar of your engine gargles to life. Out on the open road (or even on a dirt trail), there is only you, your bike, and the earth that connects you all together. Your cares are relinquished to the liberation dwelling underneath your palm. With a single turn of the throttle, you are free.

Let us make your next great adventure a reality. Take advantage of low rates and flexible terms that we offer on new/used motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). On new, we’ll finance up to 115% of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), and on used we’ll finance up to 115% of NADA retail value. There are no fees to apply for a loan with us.



Credit Union Lending Systems

You can apply for and close an Arsenal Credit Union loan at many dealerships throughout Missouri and Illinois; be sure to insist on ACU financing when you are at these dealerships to get our low ratesThis list does not indicate an endorsement for these manufacturers, dealers or services.


Did you know?

We also offer personal watercraft and boat loans!


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