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Buy Now, Get Paid Later

Our Interest-Refund Auto Loan Pays You Back!

Interest Refund Auto Loan

Besides getting a below-market rate and not
having to pay an application fee, there is another reason to borrow money from Arsenal to purchase a new or used vehicle — the ability to get back the last year of interest that you paid on your loan!

No other financial institution in the area offers this added financial benefit.

We make it pretty simple for you to reap this benefit, too. It primarily boils down to you having a checking account with Arsenal and using it.

More than half of our 26,000 members already have a checking account with us. If you are one of those who doesn't, or you currently aren't a member of Arsenal, there are three checking options to choose from, including one that's totally free.

Once you establish a checking relationship with us, simply sign up to receive eStatements instead of paper statements and have your loan payment set up so that it is electronically taken out of your Arsenal checking or savings account each month. You are then well on your way to getting an interest refund at the end of your loan. If you happen to be late with any of your payments or you pay off your loan early, that voids the interest refund.

Our interest refund offer applies to all auto loans that have a term of 48 months or longer. We'll give you back all of the interest you paid the last 12 months of your loan shortly after you've paid off your loan, and we'll deposit the funds into your Arsenal Credit Union savings account. It's up to you then to do whatever you want with the money — keep it in your account, pay other bills, or spend it.

Be sure to check out our free online tools and resources that help you research, compare, price, and locate new and used vehicles.

If you are not already a member of Arsenal Credit Union but would like to join, simply open a savings account at any of our locations with a minimum deposit of $5 to establish membership in the credit union. (Note: This is not a fee; this maintains your ownership share in the credit union.) To find out if you qualify for membership, check here or submit a membership inquiry form. Proper identification, such as your driver's license, is required to open an account.

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