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  • Are you financially literate? Understanding money and the impact it has on society is pivotal to a better way of living. Unfortunately, only 57 percent of Americans who took this brief financial knowledge exam passed by correctly answering three questions or more. At Arsenal, we give our members the opportunity to ace financial fluency in theory and in life. Through free presentations given at metro area schools, free content posted on our website, and free resources and counseling provided in our branches, Arsenal actively helps people of all ages become more financially savvy. Since you and your money reside at the core of what we do, we figured that giving you the tools to properly manage your money should just come standard.


    No resource is off limits for thieves. Today’s scam artists, who care more about fattening their pockets than the well-being of others, have learned to utilize direct mail, phone lines, email and social media to make money-scamming operations more sophisticated and believable. The good news is that with a bit of vigilance and discretion, you can effectively thwart any attempts to snag your personal data and steal your money. Get the full story here and learn about even more ways you can avoid being the victim of a scam on our website.


    As a credit union, we take financial education seriously. This is why Arsenal has spent the last 10 years visiting St. Louis metro-area schools in a mission to educate students of all ages about the importance of financial responsibility. Thanks in part to programs such as ours, Missouri was recently ranked as just one of five states to receive top honors from the Center for Financial Literacy in Vermont, one of the premier financial education institutions in the country. And it doesn’t have to stop there! The financial management tools offered through our various customizable activities and presentations invoke concepts that students will benefit from for the rest of their lives. If you are interested in having Arsenal Credit Union come to your school or your child’s school, call Jenny Remes at 314.919.1006 or email her at


    Store credit cards are seldom a good deal: With offers of an additional 10 percent off your purchase or free merchandise, it's tempting to apply for credit cards from your favorite retail stores. What they don’t tell you before you sign up is that failing to pay the bill in full at the end of each month may result in you paying much more than you originally would have saved. This is due to the inflated interest rates on retail cards that average about 10 percentage points higher than an Arsenal Credit Union Visa credit card. Opening multiple store credit cards around the same time can also negatively impact your credit score and lower your chances of receiving other loans at favorable rates. Instead, the best policy is to have one major credit card – like one offered by Arsenal – that you can trust and use for all items you wish to charge.


    So maybe setting out on the town to embark on Gray Thursday savings after stuffing yourself with bountiful heaps of Thanksgiving fixin’s isn’t your favorite holiday tradition. Not everyone appreciates an elbow in the ribs, rallied by a desperate skirmish to snag the last Walking Dead DVD box set before the sun comes up. Lucky for you, savvy shopper, snagging the perfect gift this holiday is as easy as stepping into your credit union. Choose from up to eight uniquely designed Arsenal Visa gift cards, available while supplies last. Avoid the long lines and limited flash sales this season; step into your Arsenal branch during normal waking hours and embrace the gifting freedom of a Visa holiday gift card.


    It was the night before Christmas, when all through your accounts, not a dollar was left, not the smallest amount. The gifts would be stacked beside the tree with care, while your wallet wept for its leather heart was so bare. Don’t let the impending spending catch you off guard this season. An Arsenal Holiday Loan rolls all of your holiday debt into one! Check our lowest holiday loan rates and apply for your relief from financial grief here!


    Need cash for college? We can help! For more than 18 years, Arsenal Credit Union has been helping area teens achieve their academic dreams. To date, we have awarded more than $59,000 to 67 students. Applications are now available! Any Arsenal member who’s a graduating high school senior and a primary account holder (since at least Feb. 14, 2015) may apply for our scholarship. The deadline to enter is Tuesday, February 16, 2016. Want more information on our scholarship program? Check out our new scholarship program page.



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