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Frequently Asked Questions:
Our Online Banking Security Requirements

What are the username requirements?

Your username must:
  • Be between six and 20 characters
  • Contain at least one letter; it can also
  • contain numbers and/or special characters (@$_-=.!~)
  • NOT contain spaces
  • NOT be similar to your password

What are the password requirements?

Your password must:
  • Be between six and 32 characters
  • Contain a combination of letters and numbers, letters and any special characters (@$_-=.!~), or numbers and any special characters
  • NOT contain any spaces
  • NOT be similar to your username

Why do I have to use my phone to log in?

Multifactor authentication requires you to verify your identity with more than one method – in this case, both with your password and by phone.
The first time you log in to online banking, after you provide your username and password, you also will be asked to provide a phone number for a phone (cellphone or land line) that you have with you. An access code will be sent to your phone immediately, either by voice or by text message, and you must enter that code into your computer to complete your login. If you do not have access to a phone, you also may choose to have the access code emailed to you.
Requiring you to verify your identity in two different ways makes it more difficult for hackers and identity thieves to access your account, keeping your information safer.

What if I can’t use a phone to get my access code?

You can choose to have your access code emailed to you, although it will be relatively less secure than phone delivery.

Do I have to get an access code with my phone every single time I log in?

If you access online banking from a private computer or mobile device with virus protection and security software, you can choose to have your access code “remembered” so you won’t have to repeat the phone step each time you log in.
If you access online banking primarily from a public computer (e.g., a library computer), or if you choose not to have your access code “remembered” for some other reason, you must obtain and use a new access code every time you log in. It will be sent to the same phone number or email address each time.

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