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Mobile Solutions

Mobile Banking

Your Finances Anywhere, Anytime!

Take advantage of our mobile offering for immediate account access on the go. It's secure and easy to use.

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Mobile Apps

Tap into intuitive features optimized for your smartphone. Download the free app to:

  • Check available balances.
  • View transaction history.
  • Pay bills.
  • Transfer funds between accounts.
  • Find nearest branches.

Mobile Web Banking

Get fast, secure access to your finances through the Web browser on your mobile device. Use any device with Internet access to:

  • Check account balances.
  • View transaction history.
  • Pay bills.
  • Cancel pending bill payments.
  • View bill payment history.

Text Message Banking

Use simple text commands to easily manage your money. No smartphone required — simply send texts to:

  • Check your primary account balance.
  • View recent transactions.
  • Transfer funds between accounts.
  • Set up and receive low-balance alerts.
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Mobile banking has the same security features as online banking, plus only the last four digits of your account number will be displayed and your secure information will not be stored on your device.

Access to mobile banking is contingent upon having online banking established with your Arsenal accounts. If you do not already have online banking enabled, you can do so by calling us during normal business hours at 314.962.6363 (or 618.239.6363 for Illinois members; 1.800.719.6363 if you are outside of the St. Louis area) and say or press option 6, then option 2.

When you visit our online banking login section from a mobile device, you will be redirected to a mobile version of the page; you may also choose to view the full online banking site.

You must subscribe to a data plan through your cellphone provider. Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier, but there are no charges for this service from your credit union.

Text Message Banking

If you do not have a data plan through your cellphone provider, you can still get your account balances and transactions and transfer funds from your cellphone using text message banking instead. Just text a short command to 454545 and you'll get the information you request in seconds. You can also receive balance updates each Friday. To get started, simply enroll your phone through your online banking account from a personal computer by following the steps in this image:

Alerts for Online and SMS Banking

You can also receive updates through text message or email for several occurrences by logging into your Arsenal online banking account, clicking the red "Notifications" button in the top right corner, and then selecting "Add new notifications" from the pop-up menu. You can choose the methods of contact we use to alert you. Set up notifications for the following occurrences:

Low Balance Account balance is at or below the user-specified threshold.
High Balance Account balance is at or above the user-specified threshold.
Large Withdrawal A withdrawal has been made at or above the user-specified threshold.
Large Deposit A deposit has been made at or above the user-specified threshold.
Maturity Date Your investment accounts are maturing in the user-specified time frame.
Loan Payment Due Your loan payment is coming due.
Loan Payment Past Due Your loan payment is overdue.
Balance Update Receive account balance notifications at user-selected frequency.
Personal Reminder Receive an alert with a user-specified message for any account.
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