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FinanceWorks from Arsenal Credit Union


An online banking account with Arsenal gives you access to FinanceWorks: a powerful personal budgeting tool that lets you monitor and keep track of how much you spend and what you spend it on.
FinanceWorks powered by Quicken from Arsenal Credit Union

Add all of your Arsenal accounts

You can connect your Arsenal deposit accounts, such as savings, checking, CD and money market, to keep track of spending. You can also add your Arsenal credit cards, loans and lines of credit to keep track of how much money you owe.

FinanceWorks also lets you add accounts from more than 12,000 other financial institutions, including banks, credit card companies and investment firms.

See what categories you spend the most on

When you make a transaction, FinanceWorks groups it into a spending category, such as dining, child care, entertainment and clothing. View these categories in a pie chart to keep track of where your money goes.

FinanceWorks automatically categorizes each payment depending on the store or company you make it to. If you are not satisfied with this categorization, you can make the change manually, and FinanceWorks will intuitively start to adjust.

Set budget goals

FinanceWorks automatically sets up goals for each spending category. You can adjust these goals based on how much you want to spend in each category each month.

For example: Set a goal of $300 on groceries for the month. When you make a transaction at a grocery store, a bar graph shows you the visual representation of how much you’ve spent on groceries for the month and how much you have remaining.

Below your monthly goal amount, FinanceWorks gives you the three-month spending average.

Once you see a visual representation of how much you spend on each category during month, use the data to adjust your habits to start saving more.

Set up FinanceWorks for your Arsenal business account

If you have an Arsenal business account, you can keep these transactions separate from personal expenses. FinanceWorks even has special tools in development to help you keep business expenses organized for your taxes.

Whether you need copies of your business or personal records, FinanceWorks lets you download them to your computer in a Microsoft Excel .csv file.

If you use online banking and need help setting up FinanceWorks, you can view helpful video and text tutorials within the software. You can also contact us at 314.962.6363 (or 618.239.6363 for Illinois members; 1.800.719.6363 if you are outside of the St. Louis area) and say or press option 6, then option 2.



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