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Direct Deposit

Take advantage of free direct deposit and have your wages, salary, or government benefits (such as Social Security, VA compensation or pension, civil service retirement, etc.) electronically deposited into your Arsenal account.

Direct deposit works by transferring funds directly into an account through a highly secure electronic banking system (not through the Internet). In fact, direct deposit is the safest, most reliable and convenient way to get paid. By using direct deposit, you'll get paid on time every time, even when you are not at work. Plus, you'll get faster access to your money.

To start the process of getting set up for direct deposit of your paycheck, ask your employer's human resources department for a direct deposit form. You'll need to include our "routing" number (also known as an ABA number) on the form; this number uniquely identifies Arsenal within the direct deposit system. Our routing/transit number is 281081233.

Your account number will also be needed. While it's most likely the account number you use every day, you may have to use a different number for direct deposit. Including our address is another typical requirement for setting up direct deposit, even though the money is being sent electronically to us.

Some companies require that you submit a voided check or other document in order to set up direct deposit. This allows them to make sure that all information is entered correctly, and it can be a security measure.

If you have any questions about setting up direct deposit, call us at 314.962.6363 or 618.239.6363 (toll-free 800.719.6363) and say or press 6.

If you want to set up direct deposit for a government payment you receive, use this form from the U.S. Treasury Department.

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