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Electronic Services

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

With a debit card from Arsenal Credit Union, you can manage your accounts 24 hours a day and do the following at any automated teller machine worldwide:

  • Make withdrawals and deposits
  • Check your savings/checking account balances or your line of credit
  • Transfer funds between your accounts at Arsenal

To avoid any transaction fees, use your Arsenal-issued card at ATMs in the CO-OP® Network. There are more than 250 locally and nearly 30,000 nationwide! They can be found at many (about 3,500) but not all credit unions, as some (roughly 2,000) choose not to participate in the network. Other places where you can find CO-OP Network ATMs include 7-Eleven®, Walgreens and Costco® stores.

All ATMs in the CO-OP Network are surcharge free, meaning their owners won’t charge you a fee for using their ATM. Some credit unions in the CO-OP Network; however, charge their own members a fee for using another participating credit union’s ATM, but we don’t! We make these ATMs free on both ends, so to speak. All of the ATMs in the CO-OP Network enable you to make withdrawals, while roughly one-third also accept deposits.

Where exactly are all of these free ATMs, especially those most convenient for you? There are several ways to locate them:

  1. Use the online ATM locator
  2. Call 1.888.748.3266
  3. Text a street address, ZIP code or city/state to 91989
  4. Download the CO-OP ATM / Shared Branch Locator app for Apple iOS or Android.

Check out this infographic comparing CO-OP Network ATMs in the United States to those offered by some of the biggest banks.

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