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Christmas and Vacation Savings

Christmas/Vacation Club

These savings accounts can help you save for the holidays or vacation by keeping your money out of reach until it's time to use it. Christmas club funds are available in early October, and vacation club money is available in early May. At these times, the money you've saved — plus the interest you've earned — will be transferred to your savings or checking account, whichever you have chosen. An early withdrawal fee helps you resist the temptation to withdraw funds early.

Save as little or as much as you want as often as you want. There are no minimum deposit or balance requirements.

If you're looking for a separate savings account to save for something other than the holidays or a vacation (or you don't want to wait until October or May to access your money), open a special savings account. This is structured in the same way as our share savings account, but without the minimum balance requirements. Save for anything you want — a wedding, an anniversary gift, an off-season vacation, new furniture, or just because.

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