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About Us

Code of Ethics

Arsenal Credit Union operates according to the highest principles of integrity. Ethical behavior is the only behavior acceptable to Arsenal; accordingly, every board director, associate director, supervisory committee member, and employee shall:

  • Comply with the spirit, intent and letter of the laws and regulations governing ACU operations
  • Maintain the greatest personal integrity and honesty in all his or her credit union dealings
  • Not intentionally violate ACU Board-approved policies or communicate false or misleading information to the board of directors, examiners or auditors, nor condone or tolerate through silence such actions on the part of others
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the financial records of the members and of the credit union
  • Not disclose sensitive operational or competitive issues with outside parties
  • Avoid any conflicts of interest or any opportunity for personal gain to be derived from volunteering or working at the credit union
  • Treat all members, employees, and suppliers equally without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, or sexual preference
  • Never act unfairly by granting any special favors or privileges to anyone, whether for remuneration or not
  • Respect the dignity of every member without regard to social or occupational standing, personal fortune, length of membership, or amount of shares
  • Ensure that credit for the work done by others is given to those to whom it is due
  • Give earnest effort and best thought to the performance of all duties
  • Continually strive to improve the quality of his or her service to members and to improve his or her knowledge by participating in education and training programs
  • Recognize and respect personal responsibility to build and maintain the credit union's good name and reputation
  • Safeguard the credit union from fraud, misrepresentation, and unethical acts
  • Disclose to the ethics officer: 1) all potential conflicts of interest, including those in which he or she is inadvertently placed due to a business or personal relationship with another employee, any member, supplier, business associate or competitor of the credit union, or any other entity with which the credit union does business; 2) all fraudulent activity, dishonesty or corruption wherever discovered; 3) evidence of violation of the laws, rules or regulations applicable to Arsenal and the operation of its business, or of a violation of this Code of Ethics

Any employee or volunteer not upholding this Code of Ethics will be removed from his or her respective position.

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