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Popmoney® Personal Payment Service

If you need to give someone money, don't mess with cash or checks; just send a text message or email.

With Popmoney®, located within our online banking site, you can send secure electronic payments to another person no matter where he/she has an account (within the United States). It's as simple as entering the recipient's email address, mobile phone number or bank account information. The recipient will receive an email or text message with instructions on how to deposit the money or, if you provide his or her bank account information, the money will be deposited directly into the account.

Popmoney also allows you to request money from an individual or group. Just fill out a short online form. You can choose to make the request open-ended in terms of amount, due date or both; request a specific amount from all recipients or different amounts from each recipient; and set a due date. The recipient can respond to the request and make a payment through his or her financial institution's online banking site or through Popmoney's secure website.

There is a low fee for each service.

To transfer funds to someone else or request money from someone else, simply log into online banking and click on "Move Money," then "Account to Account and Person to Person," then "Pay Other People." For more information, or to sign up for online banking, call 314.962.6363 or 1.800.719.6363 and say or press 6.

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