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Member Testimonials

I have always had nothing but positive experiences with Arsenal CU, always! If there ever is a problem or if I have a question, they are friendly, down to earth, and I don't feel like an idiot! THANKS!!

Jennifer & Thomas K.


I have been a member with Arsenal Credit union since 1978. That's thirty years — WOW!! I don't trust the banks any more so this is where I've been and this is where I'll stay. Member owned and operated.

Willie Ann C.


Not only were my questions answered in a timely manner, my paperwork was completed the very next day (Saturday) and I received a phone call accordingly as promised. In addition to my loan application, other services were offered to me that I was completely unaware of. As always it is a pure pleasure to visit Arsenal. Since being a member I recommend every chance I get. Thank You!!

Karen S.


Your credit union treats me like a human, not a number like the bank did where I last had my account...I am always recommending you to my customers, family, and friends! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!

Janet D.


I have been banking with Arsenal for at least 15 years. I have never had a problem with anyone at Arsenal. Everyone has always been very friendly and helpful.

Tim & Terry D.


Everything was handled very well. The teller went above and beyond what she actually had to do. I needed Social Security cards copied, several transactions needed to be completed and, at 9 months pregnant, she made me comfortable and very relaxed. As always, thank you for the excellent customer service.

Angela & Paul M.


I am always satisfied with the service I get at Arsenal. The tellers and member services people are always polite and helpful. I am a very satisfied member for the last 30 years.

Mark B.


I just started banking here and the employees are much more friendly than my other bank.

Craig G.


I am always treated with respect and personably when I deal with your customer service team. I feel I am important to them and feel more like they are all friends rather than just a credit union transaction. To obtain this feeling from a credit union is and can only be accomplished by true caring individuals whom I greatly appreciate. Thank You.

Mike B.


The Arsenal C.U. employees are always polite and professional. It's hard to believe that they don't have a bad day once in awhile.

Kenny K.

I have been banking with Arsenal for several years and I still get the same level of professionalism each time I visit. Thanks for doing a great job.

Donna J.


Employees know what they are doing, fast service every time. I have never had a problem using this credit union.

Tyler & Paul L.


Great service always given with a smile by all employees.

Nicholas, Jason, and Helen W.


I always have a great experience at Arsenal when it comes to customer service.

Jeremy & Lindsay C.


We would like to compliment Arsenal on their faithful service to our family for the last 20 years. When we retired and relocated to Tennessee, we chose to continue our relationship with Arsenal and have found this company to be honest, alert, and customer friendly. The employees have carefully watched over our account and have alerted us when something didn't seem right. Thanks so much for your service to our family.

John & Helyne D.


Every time I come, the staff is very pleasant and genuine. I recommend ACU to anyone looking for a place to bank.

Jamie G.


Efficient, pleasant service. It is nice to go somewhere where the staff recognizes me.

Michael T.


I have always been treated with respect and if I have a question then it is always answered.

James L.


I like the employees to know me and assist me each time I come in. Arsenal has been very good in this way.

John M.


I have always received the highest quality [service] and professionalism from Arsenal Credit Union and its employees.

Roy L.


I like that your employees take their time and that they are very friendly, professional and caring with their customers. They see to it that they help you to the extent of the visit and that you have and got everything that you need.

John W.


I have always been satisfied with Arsenal CU and will never do business elsewhere.

Charles B.


ACU is the best banking I have ever had.

Stephen B.


The employees are always very friendly, professional, courteous and extremely helpful...I am very satisfied with Arsenal Credit Union and their employees.

Andrea H.


I've only been a member for a year or so but, every time I go into Arsenal there are smiling faces and a professional atmosphere.

Megan H.


You have the most friendly, personable, and professional people in your customer service area. I always feel welcome and appreciated. I am grateful.

Mike B.


Always very nice and helpful. AAA+++++

Scott J.


I love the credit union. I will never go back to a "bank." I am treated like an individual here and not a number. I am treated with respect also, no matter how much I do and don't have. I have ALWAYS had great service, since day one.

Janet D.


I am extremely pleased with ACU. You have excellent service. When I have had problems, you deal with them quickly. You don't act like it's my problem. You take responsibility when you make an error and correct it promptly. You have the most customer-friendly workers that I have ever associated with. We use the offices off Lemay Ferry/South County and Vogel Road. We recently took out a home equity loan and I was very pleased. Everything went smoothly. [ACU's staff is] very helpful and knowledgeable. I'll also never forget when government workers were laid off years ago and we were worried about getting paid. ACU said not to worry about our loans if this happened. They gave us some breathing room. Luckily we were paid and we didn't have to be late on payments, but I'll never forget how ACU looked out for us.

Cheryl H.


I have been banking at Arsenal for a while. Everyone has been very helpful and friendly. I would like to call special attention to Kelly at the Florissant Arsenal Credit Union. She went above and beyond to help me make some major financial decisions. She was very helpful and made everything ease during a stressful time for me. She deserves a customer service award.

Ruby B.


I have been banking at Arsenal CU for over 10 years and have always been treated great. I always have my questions answered and get help when I require it - even it is something I did wrong. Your employees are always kind and courteous.

William D.


One of the reasons we keep our account with you is the helpfulness of your employees - friendly and always very helpful and knowledgeable with any questions we might have. Never a sigh of discontent when my husband brings in mountains of change, and I am always getting helpful tips (interest on checking, bill pay, money markets etc.). Absolutely excellent.

Darlene F.


The employees always make me feel as if they know me personally. They are very friendly and a pleasure to deal with. They seem to smile a lot.

James M.


Everyone we have dealt with on all of our transactions is always pleasant and professional. Very happy with Arsenal Credit Union.

Todd S.


The girls [at the branch] have always been warm and welcoming to us. Overall, I give the girls and the credit union excellent ratings. I would recommend anyone to open accounts with Arsenal based on what service I have had with you.

Mary D.


In & out quickly, and accurate service. When I have questions, the manager sees me right away and does know me by name. He is very nice.

John C.


On not one but several occasions I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Rachel of member services.

My husband and I both feel that she went above and beyond what some would call exceptional service. I first met Rachel when a family member used my identity to obtain loans with my information and I had the arduous task of changing all of my accounts, as well as credit cards.

We are still working with the federal prosecutors and it is very sad because it was someone so trusted. Rachel was very accommodating and calming. Her communication skills are excellent and she was also very compassionate; something you don't find very often dealing with customer service.

Recently, she was able to work with us again and she remembered me from last November, and even asked how things were going. I cannot tell you how efficient and timely she was helping us with the loan so that I could start my new company. She turned the loan around in just one day!! I have never experienced such a pleasant person in this industry and every time we met with her it was the same upbeat and helpful attitude. She has made these two stressful situations much easier to deal with. We love banking with Arsenal Credit Union. Thank you.

Kelly S.


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