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About Us
About Us

Member Testimonials

At Arsenal Credit Union, we take pride in providing our members with superior service. We're member owned, so it just makes sense to take good care of the people who contribute to our success — and our members are raving about the service they get.

We routinely survey our members who visit the credit union. Below are some examples of what our members are saying.

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“I truly love having ACU to handle my financial needs. The location, expedient expertise and friendly reception you receive is most appreciated and keeps me coming back. As for as referrals, I have referred many, many, friends and family. Thanks ACU for serving and staying in our community!”



“Always a joy to stop in.”



“I will be switching to Arsenal CU full time. I am sick and tired of Bank of America! Rude and hard to deal with!!! Thanks for making me feel important.”



“I have been banking here for a long time and have always been pleased! :)”



“I have no complaints about Arsenal Credit Union. They were there when no one else was.”



“I enjoy going to my credit union!!!”



“ACU staff are the best I have ever seen. I love my credit union.”



“Going on 11 years since I was 16 and opened my first account at Arsenal, I've since moved well over an hour away from any branch and would still never leave Arsenal. Happy to be a part of the credit union.”



“No matter what time of day or what day of the week I come in to the credit union, the tellers are always friendly, helpful and welcoming.”



“I really love Arsenal Credit Union. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. When I call, I feel as if I am speaking to a friend instead of a business.”



“I've been with Arsenal for almost 50 years. Would not be with anyone else.”



“I have never entered the Arnold Credit Union that I have not been treated with total respect!!!!!”



“The teller treated me like an old friend. She was a pleasure to work with yesterday. It was near end of day, but it was like I was the first customer. I was greeted with a smile and how is your day going. This is why we use the credit union.”



“It's nice to know that when I call with any issue we might be having I are treated with courtesy and respect. It puts you at ease to know they are concerned and want to help out in any way they can. Thank you and keep up the good work.”



“I always get a smile and thank you from my Teller. That is great and all I need.”



“Joined Arsenal Credit Union 13 years ago when I married my husband and would never return to a Bank as a financial institution. Have always had courteous customer service.”



“Why anyone doesn't bank at Arsenal is beyond me! Very happy customer for life!”



“My needs were handled immediately and I received excellent customer service. I absolutely love and trust Arsenal Credit Union.”



“I really appreciate Arsenal Credit Union. You go beyond and I'm glad to be a member.”



"I have never been with a credit union before but I must say being a member for ACU feels so great. Every time I call with a problem its always fixed. It doesn't matter who I talk to, my needs are always fulfilled.”



“I love Arsenal. Will never leave - I used to be a member of US Bank.  Wow, Arsenal blows US Bank out of the water. Convenient, great service - love it!!”



Service has always been exceptional.”



“I am glad I joined Arsenal Credit Union. All the staff has been courteous and helpful to me. I don't have a long wait because everyone helps out.”



“Members are treated like part of the family.”



“I like the fact that they recognize me when I come in every month. They ask how I've been doing, etc. The employees make my banking experience personal, and that goes a long way.”



“I have been a member for over 40 years  Would not trade the banking experience for anything.”

Dominic C.


“Love my credit union! I will never go back to a bank.”

Jan P.


“My financial matters are always handled with Excellent customer service. All the employees are always very friendly and helpful. Thank you for all you do!”
Tyler F.


“I am always treated very well at any Arsenal location. Very pleased!” 
Teri T.


“They are always great to me & my wife. We feel like they always want to go out of their way to help. I am always happy when I leave your business.” 

Bryan P.


“Always a pleasure with the tellers. Makes banking fun. Keep it up! Thanks.” 

Thomas K.


“Being a member with Southern Illinois Area Credit Union since I was 15, I had my own personal reservations about the merge between Southern Illinois Area Credit Union and Arsenal but, here today, I'm pleased to say that I'm treated like a valued member. I never thought I'd say this but, I LOVE ARSENAL CREDIT UNION!!!!!” 

Tori J.


“I have always felt when I call they are so patient and understanding with me. I really appreciate the service that they provide to me. Thank you all. May god bless.”

Sandra M.


“Always glad I use your service and never encounter a problem or unhelpful staff. Very pleased. Hard to find good customer service these days.  Thanks.”

Jackie A.


“Staff are always expedient & accommodating when I have financial questions of any kind.”

Dale B.


“The knowledge, care, and great customer service we received was second to none. We were treated with kindness and respect. [The employee] took the time to explain the products. I am happy thus far with the choice we've made to become partners in financial growth with Arsenal Credit! Thank you!”

Lavell T.


“Always treated with courtesy and respect by the staff.”

Stephen S.


“I always feel like I'm part of the Arsenal Family.”

Judith C.


“Staff is always ready to help. Love everyone there!”

Donna H.


“I always enjoy the polite service no matter what transaction I am doing. I have been a member for 10 years and plan on it for life!”

Daniel W.


“My phone interactions have always been good. You hire and maintain a great staff!”

Todd B.


“We have recently moved and we continue to always finance our cars through Arsenal because of the outstanding service no matter where we've lived. Any time we interact with someone at the branches it is a very personalized service.” 

Robert S.


“I have been with Arsenal Credit Union since 1985 and I will continue until death do us part.”

Johnnie G.


“Love doing business with arsenal credit union!”

Scott B.


“Great place for all our banking needs!”

Manuel H.


“Very simply, they treat me like I am the only thing that matters.”

David H.


“Always treated well. I love my CU!”

Lisa C.


“Awesome place for banking!”

Alec G.


“All the employees are always helpful and sweet…It’s a good bank with great employees who are willing 2 go that extra mile 2 help their customers with anything they need.”

Christine M. 


“I love Arsenal! The people are ALWAYS friendly and helpful and the environment is clean, calm, inviting and relaxing. I would never bank anywhere else!”

Shelby W.


“I stay at this credit union because of how I am treated. They are very courteous and professional.”

Daniel W. 


“I've always felt valued here. Many other banking/financial institutions have tried (with donuts/coffee and incentives) to woo me away. I will not leave as long as Arsenal continues its fine customer service. I know most everyone there  (Watson Branch) and feel like family.”

Judith C.


“Service and personnel have always been top-notch.”

Theodore D.


“I have been a member of ACU for 5 decades now and have never had a problem with obtaining a loan or having any other financial problem. The employees are always courteous and willing to help in any way they can. I am satisfied with the service at ACU.”

Richard D.


“I deal with many banks, many tellers every day as part of my job and Arsenal surpasses ALL the establishments in the StL area.”

Mark Z.


“Arsenal has been the favorite financial institution of all the ones I have experienced.”

Michael B.


“I have banked here a long time and recommend Arsenal to everyone who complains about fees, etc., with other banks.”

Linda F.


“I love banking with Arsenal Credit Union, easy and convenient. I have NEVER had any issues!!”

Mari H.


“I am always treated with courtesy and respect by all of the employees there. Couldn't ask for better service even when I ask ‘dumb’ questions!”

Stephen S.


“I have been a member since the 70's I think Arsenal is the best credit union. They show concern for their members. Thanks for caring.”

Frankie N.


“Arsenal is an excellent choice for people in the St. Louis/ Jefferson County area. The hours are great, the service is superb and a very friendly staff.”
Mary H.


“I like the convenience of the later hours being open till 6:00 PM & 2:00 PM on Saturday. It is very close to home which is also a plus. And the employees treat you like family.”

Terri B.


“Our family loves Arsenal’s Arnold location. The employees are always smiling and friendly and that makes us feel like family. I have recommended Arsenal Credit Union in the past and will continue to in the future. Thanks for your service.”

Gina B.


 “I love my ACU because they always treat me like family and always respect me. It's so nice to be treated as a person!”

Ashley S.


“I have been a member for over 20 yrs and have always had wonderful service.”

Virginia S.


“I have referred others to use Arsenal, because of the loans available paired with great service.”

Agnes B.


“ACU is Outstanding in all aspects of services provided.”

Walter J.


“My wife and I have been long term members. During our time, Arsenal CU has far outshone other financial organizations that we have used.”

Clarence O.


“I'm always happy to enter Arsenal Credit Union for transactions because your staff is friendly, happy, and professional and treat me like a respected customer. I have belonged to Arsenal Credit Union for 50 years and have always been a happy customer.”

Rose B. 


“I have been an Arsenal member since the 1970s and no other financial institution I have belonged to since then can match your customer service, as far as I am concerned.”

Karl S.



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