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About Us
About Us

Member Testimonials

At Arsenal Credit Union, we take pride in providing our members with superior service. We're member owned, so it just makes sense to take good care of the people who contribute to our success — and our members are raving about the service they get.

We routinely survey our members who visit the credit union. Below are some examples of what our members are saying.

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"I have been with Arsenal about 13 years now, and I absolutely LOVE the credit union!"
-Tabitha J.

"The team at Arsenal Credit Union rocks. They are such awesome people."
-Shavonda B.

“I really appreciate being treated as a person, not just another bank account number. The staff is always friendly and happy to see me.  Love my credit union!”
-Justin K.

“This is one of the best institutions I have had the pleasure of doing business. The staff is excellent. Their customer service is off the chart! I will be moving to Florida soon. However, my accounts will remain with Arsenal Credit Union. This institution helped me rebuild my credit. They were there when no other institution would help. I will always be a loyal member of this fine establishment.”
-James T.

“I love the atmosphere of Arsenal; each time I am there the tellers and the official banking personnel treats me with kindness and respect. I feel like I'm home there, they call me by my name and ask me how's my day going while conducting business and completing my transactions. You could not ask for Better!!!!”
-Mittie W.

“I've been an Arsenal credit union member for 39 years, I've always been treated with respect, and all associates have been professional and friendly.”
-Willie C.

“Love Arsenal. I really don't know what took me so long to switch from my old bank!!”
-Tori T.

“ACU personnel are always professional, friendly, helpful and go the extra mile to answer questions.”
-Beverly L.

"Extremely satisfied. Handled very professionally and promptly."
-Robert M.

“Arsenal Credit Union has always been helpful to me. I love doing business there.”
-Janet W.

“I have been a member for a very long time and have never experienced anything but a professional and courteous interaction with staff.”
-Yvette B.

“I love banking with Arsenal! I have been more than satisfied with everyone who works here! Such a marvelous group of people.”
-Sean J.

“I always receive friendly, professional service at Arsenal Credit Union. I recommend them to everyone looking for financial services.”
-Frederick M.

“If you want to be treated like a member instead of a number, I recommend ARSENAL CREDIT UNION! Great service.”
-Tori J.

“Anytime I call I always get my questions answered!! I've been a member since the early 90's and love ACU!”
-Dennis M.

“Very good and nice people who serve me every time not just this one time.”
-Andrew B.

“I've been a member a long time. Always had excellent service. When I speak to my fellow veterans, I tell them to join Arsenal Credit Union. There are a lot of us at this business I speak for, and we are very happy with the service we’ve received at Arsenal Credit Union.”
-Greg K.

"All tellers have treated me like a friend over the years."
-George N.

"Love how quick the drive-thru process is!"
-Carmella D.

“I have always been treated with kindness and respect whenever I have done any business with anyone at Arsenal Credit Union. I feel that my business is appreciated.”
-Rebecca F.

"Best credit union ever!"
-Patricia C.

“I have been a member from the 80's and always have been really happy with any loans that I have had and the staff is always friendly and helpful.”
-William S.

"Love Arsenal, best move we ever made."
-John R.

“I really appreciate the men and women behind the counter. They are always professional and extremely nice. I never feel stupid for asking a question or not knowing my account number. Thank you!”
-Elizabeth P.

“I am continually impressed by how kind everyone is at Arsenal Credit Union! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job making your customers feel welcomed.”
-Katherine S.

“The employee helped me understand the different types of accounts I could pick from and was very thorough in explaining things to me. I ended up opening the perfect type account to suit my needs. Thank you for such good service.”
-Barbara O.

"I love the credit union. Convenient and pleasant staff. Courteous and friendly. Great Service!! Love it."
-Jon G.


"Super sweet tellers, always pleasant when coming into the bank."
-Rachelle F.

"Since I became a member, Arsenal CU has always taken care of me. Their staff is always friendly and helpful."
-Bo Y.

"Anytime I come in the staff is always super friendly and super willing to help with whatever I may need help with."
-Tyler L.

"Everyone I've interacted with at Arsenal have been great! Your team is personable, professional, knowledgeable and expedient."
-Shannon J.

"I've been a member since 1971. There's a reason for that, excellent service!"
-Wayne F.

"I've been with Arsenal for decades because of the way I'm treated - like a person. Great place, great staff - thanks!!!"
-Jane A.

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